Thursday, March 6, 2014

Best Ever Cinnamon Rice Krispie Treats

It seems silly to post a recipe for Rice Krispie Treats ... BUT ... I've done some research and have found a recipe that because of a few steps, they come out perfect and stay soft for a few days after!!  I've always melted my marshmallows in the microwave but these turn out so much better and the marshmallows aren't so sticky.

This calls for the 1 lb. bag of marshmallows with 12 cups of cereal.  This will fill a 9x13 cake pan clear to the top.

The trick is this, use a sauce pan and over medium-low heat melt the butter completely first, then add the marshmallows and slowly melt those completely, stirring as you go.  When the marshmallows are completely melted DON'T STOP cooking, let it go another 2 minutes.  You will end up with a thin syrup-like texture that stirs in so nice with the cereal.

Rice Krispie treats are great but if you want to take them over the top, add 1 tsp. of cinnamon with the marshmallows.  These taste like a Churro!!  So Good!  You can even dress them up by melting cinnamon chips and white chocolate and drizzle on top.

I think I need to try Coconut flavored - Add coconut extract in with the marshmallows and along with toasted coconut in with the cereal and sprinkled on top.  How can that not be wonderful?

Best Ever Cinnamon Rice Krispie Treats

12 c. Rice Krispies®
1/2 c butter
1 lb miniature marshmallows
1 tsp heaping cinnamon

Measure out cereal in large bowl. Butter 9x13 pan or line with foil then butter. In saucepan, over med-low heat, melt butter completely and slowly. Add marshmallows and cinnamon and melt completely, slowly. Continue cooking for 2 min. Add to cereal in bowl and stir until combined. Press into prepared pan and let cool to set up. Cut and enjoy.

If you want plain treats, just omit the cinnamon but cook the same way.

It's fun to watch people eat these.  They take a bite and usually follow it with, "Ooo that is wonderful". I'm telling you ... it's the Cinnamon!!

I teach piano lessons and for my treat last Christmas, I made Cinnamon Rice Krispie Treat Suckers dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles.   After they set up, I just cut into long pieces, put in the sucker stick, then take the stick out and dip the end in some of the white chocolate, then put it back in.  This helped hold the stick in place.  You can use an upside down box with holes poked in it to help hold the suckers while the chocolate hardened.

Put a long bag on them with a cute ribbon and done!!  They were easy to make and the kids loved them.


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