Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Enjoy Something New ... Everyday!!  I love the words. 
 Enjoy & Create!!
I thought I'd create this blog to share and record things that I Enjoy, things I Create, and things that I learn along the way.  A history of my experiments, good and bad, and a place that will help me remember what I've done :)

I love learning about, shopping for, and creating things with food!!  Cooking classes and reading cookbooks are a great way to learn more about what we all do three times a day.  Some people read and collect novels ... well, that's not me.  Give me a cookbook and I'm content for hours.

My ideal shopping day includes stores like Trader Joes (TJ's), Whole Foods, and Harmon's (a chain in our state).  Including a Hobby Lobby in that mix is just a little bit of heaven.  Weird, huh?

Hopefully ... through this blog, as I learn and share, others will also learn and Enjoy!!

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